VA Center for Innovation

The VA Center for Innovation identifies, tests, and evaluates new approaches to efficiently and effectively meet the current and future needs of Veterans through innovations rooted in data, design-thinking, and agile development. Since 2010, VACI has worked to identify, test, and evaluate new approaches to the agency’s most pressing challenges. Balancing the practical with the aspirational, VACI ensures a steady flow of high value innovations from concept to implementation, within the largest civilian cabinet agency. From empowering patients with access to their own electronic health records, to providing clinicians with time-saving and life-saving mobile technology, our innovations are measured by their ability to improve the quality of VA care and services, increase access to those services, reduce or control costs, and improve customer satisfaction. The VA Center for Innovation is a team of innovators and doers who are constantly looking for opportunities to improve VA’s products, services, and processes.